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One day, this won’t be news

Call me a dreamer. Call me idealistic. But I have a vision of a world in which people like Grace Ramsburg can be in a Super Bowl commercial and it won’t be so extraordinary.

Grace Ramsburg, 8, in Super Bowl ad.

Grace Ramsburg, 8, in Super Bowl ad.

But for now, I rejoice in the fact that this 8-year-old cutie, who has Down Syndrome, will have a brief appearance in a McDonald’s commercial during the big game.

Grace’s mom Holly Ramsburg says she’s not sure if her daughter realizes what a big deal this is.

She told Disability Scoop, “There’s still misunderstanding and there’s still judgment.

“I feel like everyday when we go out and we’re able to get her face out there, and get her personality out there, it is wonderful.”

One day, this won’t be a newsworthy event. I hope I get to see it. I hope Holly does, too.

Texas Co-Op Power magazine features story behind ‘My Father’s Eyes’

This is a big moment for “My Father’s Eyes.” The book is featured in an article in Texas Co-Op Power magazine’s February issue.

Lots of folks haven’t heard of this magazine, especially if you don’t get your electricity from an electric co-op. But if you do, you get the magazine.

The publication has a circulation of more than 1 million and is read by more than 3 million people.

I’m thrilled about this not only because it’s valuable attention for the book, but also because it shines light on the theme of the book.

And that is that people with disabilities are often shoved to the sidelines. But they are no different from anyone else, and if we give them a chance, they have much to give.

Check it out!