Profile of a Writer

Sheila Allee AuthorI’ve been a writer all my life. I started in elementary school. My first big project was collaborating on a class play in the fifth grade. After college, I was a journalist and then worked in public relations and media relations. I’ve also done a lot of speechwriting for politicians, corporate and government leaders.

Along the way, I’ve written some books. I must confess, it’s hard to typecast me as an author. I write on subjects I’m passionate about.

My first book, titled Seven Steps to the Podium: A Handbook for Speakers and Speechwriters, provides practical, how-to information.

My second book, Texas Mutiny: Bullets, Ballots and Boss Rule is narrative nonfiction about a political assassination that happened in a small Texas town in 1952. It’s the true story of a political boss who ran a big swath of Texas, controlling governments, businesses, schools and politicians. When he ran into opposition, he hired a gunman to kill his opponent.

My latest book, My Father’s Eyes, is a memoir about the bond I shared with my long-lost uncle, who had a profound intellectual disability and who lived most of his life in an institution. I met him for the first time after I went to work for what was then called the Texas Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation. I wrote an article titled “My Uncle’s Secret Life” that was published in Reader’s Digest in 1999 about my friendship with Uncle Melrose. That article was the springboard for this book.