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My Father’s Eyes

My Father's Eyes by Sheila AlleeMy Father’s Eyes is the story of Sheila Allee’s relationship with her Uncle Melrose, who had a profound intellectual disability.

She didn’t know of her uncle for many years and accidentally discovered his existence when she was a teenager. Decades later, she found him in a state institution, where he had lived for more than 50 years, and helped him move to a group home.

Through the process, she thought she was only righting a wrong that had been done when her uncle was ostracized from his family. But what really happened was that her Uncle Melrose helped her heal from her own emotional injuries.

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Texas Mutiny: Bullets, Ballots and Boss Rule

Now in its 3rd printing

Texas Mutiny: Bullets Ballots and Boss RuleThere’s more to the famous tale of how Lyndon Johnson bulldozed his way into the U.S. Senate on the strength of 87 questionable votes. This is the story of a political boss and the sophisticated small-town lawyer who brings him to his knees. It’s the story of a hired gun hiding in Mexico and the Texas Ranger who haunts his trail. It’s the story of a political assassination gone wrong, of intrigue that begins in a murky 1948 election and ends at the doorstep of a vice president promoted in crisis. In short, Texas Mutiny: Bullets, Ballots and Boss Rule is a tale of the Wild West in modern times.

Texas Mutiny is a true crime story told in novel form and related by a fictional newspaper reporter. It is set in a forsaken part of Texas where barren soil, mesquite and a burning sun shape the fortunes of the people. Vast poverty and incredible wealth live side by side in this land, making it fallow for corruption, deception, vote stealing, embezzlement and every sort of vice. Texas Mutiny is about the struggle to topple the oppressive feudal order that gripped the people of this land for generations.

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Seven Steps to the Podium

A Concise Handbook for Speakers and Speechwriters
(Available in pdf format only)

Seven Steps to the Podium teaches speakers and speechwriters how to:

  • Use no-fail humor techniques
  • Liven up presentations with stories
  • Make the most of visual aids
  • Organize your thoughts
  • Market your speech/presentation for maximum impact
  • Use audience research to really connect with your listeners
  • Speakers and speechwriters who fail to use these basic tools run the risk of committing the deadliest public speaking taboo – Boring the Audience. And a bored audience wants only one thing – for the speech to end.

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