It must be nice…

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott

Greg Abbott

…to have the benefit of a hefty bank account like that of Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott.  That way, you can promote tort reform and fight against the Americans With Disabilities Act and not worry about the consequences for folks who don’t have equal power and wealth.

For the record, Greg Abbott has been paralyzed since 1984, when a tree fell on him while he was jogging. He won a multi-million dollar settlement for his injuries and gets six figures in annuity payments every year. Some years, he gets additional six-figure lump sum payments. This year, he will get an extra $400,000.

Understandably, Abbott, who is running for Texas governor, says he would gladly give all the money back if he could walk. Who could blame him?

What’s good for the goose apparently isn’t good for the gander

But incomprehensibly, he has spent the past 10 years as attorney general fighting laws that protect people with disabilities. He’s a major advocate for tort reform, which restricts the amount of settlement money injured people can get can get in lawsuits.

And he’s vigorously opposed the Americans with Disabilities Act, which bans discrimination against people who have physical or mental limitations. Abbott says the State of Texas has sovereign immunity from lawsuits seeking to enforce the law.  He doesn’t claim the same protections for private businesses or city or county governments.

The attorney general says he personally supports the ADA, but in fighting it, he’s just doing his job.

It’s all very troubling, especially since Abbott wants to take this hypocritical mindset into the Governor’s Mansion.

I just have to wonder when people are going to have enough of office holders like this, who appear to have no conscience or any sense of decency. Ambition trumps all in politics; the poor, helpless and disabled be damned.